Welcome to GT Autosound .com !

GT Autosound is one of Australia's top car audio and security installers, producing a long line of high-end show cars and competition installs.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, GT Autosound are masters of the trade, with a portfolio of custom work for everything from dedicated SPL cars, to exotic cars, to import performance to thumping systems for luxury boats.

The level of expertise and knowledge, coupled with the massive range of big-name and high-end audio gear in stock, means you are guarenteed the very best for your ride - every time.

The boys at GT Autosound love a challange, and as such always have a couple of major projects of their own on the go.

Presently Theo is the WORLD record holder for developing the fastest S15 bodied drag car, which has recorded 9 second quarters and pushes over 500kw out of it's 2 litre SR20 engine.

A new project also in the workshop is George's V8 LS2 Powered Widebody R34 Skyline, sponsored by DLS Audio Australia. Only new on the field, it is destined to compete in the Drift Australia Rounds.


High End Car Audio
The best of niche brands from America, Europe and around the globe. Installation of customer-supplied audio systems.

Advanced Car Security
Complete car security packages from your basic transponder immobilisers to GSM based paging systems.

In-Car Entertainment
The latest DVD and multimedia systems designed specifically for each application.

Performance Electronics
The latest and most innovative electronic systems designed to improve performance and relay information to the driver.

Custom Installations
Combination of the best knowledge and tools to create the ultimate customer visions. Computer-aided system design including the use of exotic materials.

Paint Protection
Latest P.P.S. technology developed by the US Military to ISO Standards to seal out pollutants and keep your car looking “showroom new” – guaranteed!








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